Requests for Information

As a local government entity, the District is subject to the requirements of the Texas Public Information Act (Texas Government Code Chapter 552). Under the Act, all government information is presumed public; however, limited exceptions may apply.

Upon receiving a request, the District is required to promptly release the requested information or apply to the Texas Attorney General within ten business days for a decision whether an exception to the Act applies either requiring or allowing the District to withhold certain information.  The District is not required to produce the records within ten business days.  If the requested records cannot be produced within ten business days the District will notify you in writing of the reasonable date and time when the records will be available.

Make a Public Information Act Request
A Public Information Act Request must be made in writing using one of the following methods:

Electronic Portal:
Pursuant to Senate Bill 944 of the 86th legislative session codified at 552.234(d), the District will not respond to any requests not received by hand delivery or at one of the addresses provided below. A list of all open and completed Public Information Act Requests may be found at the Public Records Archive.

U.S. Mail to:
Grapevine-Colleyville ISD
Public Information Request
3051 Ira E. Woods Avenue
Grapevine, Texas 76051

Electronic Mail to:
[email protected]

Things to Know
When making your request, include enough description and detail about the information requested to enable the District to accurately identify and locate the information you want.  If a request is overly broad or otherwise unclear, the District may ask for the request to be clarified delaying the production of records.  If the District asks for clarification and you fail to respond, after sixty days the request is considered automatically withdrawn.

Records may be produced by providing the requested records for inspection or duplication at a District facility or by providing copies of the requested records in person or via email.  The District will send copies of the requested records by first class U.S. mail if the requestor asks for that specific method of production and pays the postage along with any other applicable charges.

Every Texas government body must prominently display an Open Records Poster that complies with the rules set by the Office of the Attorney General.  The District’s display is at 3051 Ira E. Woods Avenue, Grapevine, Texas 76051.  Click Here for the electronic version.

For complaints regarding failure to release public information, please contact: County or District Attorney at 817-884-1400, OR Office Of the Attorney General, Open Records Hotline, at 512-478-6736 or toll-free at 1-877-673-6839.

For complaints regarding overcharges, please contact the General Services Commission at 512-475-2497.

For questions about submitting a PIA request to GCISD, please contact [email protected] or (817) 251-5200.