GCISD has an Emergency Radio System in place that allows each GCISD school to communicate with Central Administration, and other schools in the case of an emergency. The system also supplies daily campus-specific communications through the use of handheld radios.

Base Stations

Emergency Radio Base Stations are located in the main office at each campus and in Bridges' main office at PDEC.  In case the campus loses electricity, each Base Station is connected to a back-up battery.  The back-up battery will allow the campus about 15-30 minutes of talk time, depending on usage.
Click here for some tips to ensure that you know how to operate the Base Station in case of an emergency.

Hand-held Radios

Hand-held radios are the campus' daily way of communicating with staff in various parts of the building as well as drop-off and pick-up of students. Each campus has their own frequency to keep communication specific to that campus and to minimize interference from internal and other sources.
Click here for some tips to ensure that you know how to use and store the handheld radios to get the most and longest life out of each radio.
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If you have any questions on use or storage or radios or base stations or need equipment repaired please contact Michele Linn, the Director of Risk Management at (817) 251-5604.