Arena Scheduling

GCISD utilizes a course scheduling system called Skyward Online Arena Scheduling for high school students. In this system, students are able to put schedules in their preferred order.  Online arena scheduling is similar to the systems used in college. Students are given more voice in the creation of their schedules in an easier and more streamlined online venue. Students will know their unofficial schedules by the end of the current school year. They will be able to view their official schedule through Skyward prior to the first day of school.

For more information, review the timeline and Frequently Asked Questions listed below or contact your high school counselor directly. 


Course Requests: 1/17 - 2/3

Master Schedule constructed: begin 2/8

Online Arena Scheduling: 3/27 – 4/19

HS Counselors assist with course advisement at middle schools: January 2023

8th grade parent nights hosted by high schools:
Mustang Nation (GHS) - January 18, 2023
Panther Showcase (CHHS) -January 25, 2023


Current Juniors have access to build schedules through Skyward 3/27 – 3/29

(Online arena scheduling window opens at 7:30 am on 3/27; closes at midnight 3/29)

Counselors ensure accuracy for current Juniors 3/30 - 4/4

Current Sophomores have access to build schedules through Skyward 4/5 - 4/7

(Online arena scheduling window opens at 7:30 am on 4/5; closes at midnight 4/7)

Counselors ensure accuracy for current Sophomores 4/10 - 4/14

Current Freshmen will have access to build schedules through Skyward 4/17 – 4/19

(Online arena scheduling window opens at 7:30 am on 4/17; closes at midnight 4/19)

Counselors ensure accuracy for current Freshmen 4/20–4/28

8th Grade Students-course requests will roll from 4 year plans in Skyward; students will have opportunity to add alternate courses. 

Schedule Adjustment Window: 5/15 - 5/17 (1 form submission per student)

Students with schedule concerns may submit one change request form online.

Counselors will make schedule adjustments based on course and space availability. Order of class periods will likely change.

Schedule Error Adjustment Window: 8/1-8/3

Students with one of the following extenuating circumstances may submit a form to request a schedule adjustment to correct the error.

Examples of acceptable reasons for extenuating circumstances:

- Selected for a higher level activity such as band, choir, etc.

- Previously earned credit for course.

- Course needed for graduation (for seniors only).

- Desire to move up or down to Pre-AP, AP.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is arena scheduling?

Online arena scheduling is a way for students to create their unofficial schedule.  It is an opportunity for students to have a voice in the order of their classes using the online arena scheduling feature available through their Student Access Skyward account. Please note the order of classes on a student's schedule may change to balance class sizes.

What if I missed my registration window?

Students who choose not to create their schedule during this window will have a schedule created for them based on their course requests.

Do I get to pick my teachers?

No. Teachers’ names will not be made available during the online arena scheduling process. Staffing often changes so selecting a teacher would not guarantee that a student would have a particular teacher on his/her schedule.

Do I get to pick my lunch?

No, students cannot select which lunch they have. Online arena scheduling allows you to put classes in your preferred order.

Once I create my schedule, can I change my classes?

Students can submit a Schedule Change Request form during the designated schedule adjustments windows for the reasons listed above. Counselors will review requests in order of receipt once the adjustment window closes.

Can a parent create their child’s schedule?

Schedules can only be created through the Student Access account on Skyward. Parent Access will not work for the registration process.  Students must know their Skyward login ID and password to access online arena scheduling.

How do I find my Skyward Student Access login ID and password?

If students have misplaced this information, they can request it from the Counseling Office.

How do I know if what I am requesting is what I need for graduation?

Counselors will be going over graduation requirements with students at school and reviewing all students’ requested courses to ensure alignment with graduation requirements.

If I create my schedule, will the school change it?

Counselors will make adjustments to schedules as needed based on course prerequisites, class size, and educational record.

Tryouts and what if I don’t make it

Students will create their schedule as if they are going to make the sport/club they are interested in. Students can include numerous alternates and will have the option of substituting those classes in the event that a student does not make the sport/club of their choosing.


Arena Scheduling Instructional Video:

CHHS Course Videos

GHS Course Videos

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What People Say
"I am happy to report that the Arena Scheduling worked out great!! It was fast and easy and exactly like the instructional video. Thank you for offering this new system."
--Shelly Williams, GHS parent

"Arena Scheduling is a great way to prepare for college scheduling."
--CHHS Student

"Getting to choose my periods gives me more freedom."
--GHS Student

"I got 99 problems but Arena Scheduling ain't one."
--CHHS Student

"Arena gives us more experience and helps us make decisions. It makes us more responsible."
--CHHS Student

"The feature of being able to actually put your classes in whatever period is very cool."
--GHS Student