Policy DK (local) states an employee may request reassignment within the District to another position for which he or she is qualified. If an employee is interested in a transfer, he/she must complete the Transfer and Reassignment Request internal application on TalentEd Recruit & Hire.

The process for this form is as follows:

Step 1: Employee must apply to the "Internal Only - Transfer and Reassignment Request" job posting. THIS POSTING IS ONLY ACTIVE MARCH THROUGH MAY EACH YEAR. No notice to the Current Campus Administrator is required, all is processed online with human resources.

Step 2: The completed Transfer and Reassignment Request is received by Human Resources. The employee's request for reassignment will be reviewed to ensure that the employee will have the appropriate certification and highly qualified status for the new position if applicable. Once verified, the Receiving Campus Administrators for the campus or campuses you have expressed interest in, will be provided access to transfer requests. 

Step 3: The Receiving Campus Administrator will be able to review your application using TalentEd immediately. The Receiving Campus Administrator will review current staffing needs and will have until the last teacher work day to contact Human Resources if they wish to accept or decline the request for reassignment. Transfer candidates undergo interview processes in the same manner as out of district candidates. 

Step 4: If the Receiving Campus Administrator wishes to makes a recommendation to hire, the recommendation will be sent electronically to the Human Resources Director who will Approve or Deny the reassignment request. Human Resources will then notify the employee confirming the decision of the request for reassignment.

Note: A Request for Transfer or Reassignment is not granted automatically. It is the discretion of Human Resources Director and the Receiving Administrator to accept or decline the transfer prior to the last teacher work day.