What is STEMScopes?
It is an online resource that houses a digital textbook called STEMScopedia along with learning activities for students which are organized by the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills in Science (state standards).
How do I access STEMScopes?
The following video is how to access STEMScopes for ALL levels not just Elementary.

Who may have access to STEMScopes?
Resources for K-8, biology, chemistry and physics are housed there.  Parents may access the system with their child's credentials.

I have logged in, but don't see anything?
 Click on the Learn More button, here you will see items that are automatically assigned.  In order to access resources, teachers must assign items to students.  Please contact your teacher if the resources are not there.

Is a textbook available?
The STEMScopedia is the "textbook"  Currently, it is available by clicking the STEMScopedia button.   Students may select the appropriate grade level from the pull-down menu