Annually, District varsity high school head coaches and sponsors (excluding assistant coaches and assistant sponsors) shall be permitted to conduct a fee-based camp in their primary sport or event and the District’s camp fee schedule shall apply. All camp requests shall be subject to UIL regulations and must be approved by the Executive Director of Athletics.

We are currently accepting camp applications online. Please visit our Community Use Website and register as an Organization Event Coordinator under Getting Started: New Users.

We are in the process of revising the Strength and Conditioning Administrative Regulation and Camp Fee Schedule. We will post the updated versions as soon as we have the final documents.

Camp Fee Schedule (Currently under Revision)
Board Policy GKD(Local) - Non-school Use of School Facilities
Administrative Regulation: Summer Strength and Conditioning Camps (Currently under Revision) 

If you are interested in conducting a camp, please complete the online community use application.