GCISD and Let's Talk
Posted on 08/01/2018

In May 2015, GCISD launched the two-way communication tool Let’s Talk. This platform provided the opportunity for parents, community members, staff and students to submit a question, concern, suggestion or anonymous dialogue to any campus or department across the District. Since its inception, the District has received more than 1,900 dialogues on a variety of topics.

Prior to approving the 2018-2019 budget, the District conducted a cost analysis of Let’s Talk and made the determination to discontinue services based on increased contract costs. While GCISD wants to have an easy way for people in the community to connect with the District, there is also a strong commitment to being fiscally responsible.

Let’s Talk will no longer be available beginning on Wednesday, August 1. We value open communication and we want everyone to be able to easily communicate with the correct district or campus staff so that your questions or concerns may be addressed. To provide parents, community members, staff and students with an opportunity to get in contact with their respective campus or the district, email addresses have been created and will be monitored daily by staff. To view a list of the email addresses, visit our Contact Us page.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the move away from Let’s Talk, please email us at [email protected].

GCISD (General) [email protected] 817-251-5200  
Bear Creek Elementary [email protected] 817-305-4860
Bransford Elementary [email protected] 817-305-4920  
Cannon Elementary [email protected] 817-251-5680  
Colleyville Elementary [email protected] 817-305-4940  
Dove Elementary [email protected] 817-251-5700  
Glenhope Elementary [email protected] 817-251-5720  
Grapevine Elementary [email protected] 817-251-5375  
Heritage Elementary [email protected] 817-305-4820  
Silver Lake Elementary [email protected] 817-251-5750  
O.C. Taylor Elementary [email protected] 817-305-4870  
Timberline Elementary [email protected] 817-251-5770  
Colleyville Middle [email protected] 817-305-4900  
Cross Timbers Middle [email protected] 817-251-5320  
Grapevine Middle [email protected] 817-251-5660  
Heritage Middle [email protected] 817-305-4790  
Colleyville Heritage High [email protected] 817-305-4700  
Grapevine High [email protected] 817-2510-5210  
Collegiate Academy [email protected] 817-515-6775  
Bridges/VISTA [email protected] 817-251-5474  
iUniversity Prep [email protected] 817-305-4895