Top 100 Employee Award

For the second straight year, GCISD has been named one of Dallas Morning News' Top 100 Places to Work. This distinction is based solely on employee feedback, and therefore, GCISD has created the Top 100 Employee Award to recognize its tremendous staff.

Do you know an employee that makes GCISD a Top 100 Place to Work? Someone who embodies the District's values of purpose, innovation and community? Please nominate a peer that is deserving of recognition by filling out a nomination form.

Top 100 Employee Award Recipients
Steven Adkins - Bear Creek ES
Ruben Aldez - Operational Services
Mandy Alexander - Grapevine HS
Sara Altom - Cross Timber MS
Daniela Barbaro - Cross Timbers MS
Alicia Barnes - Colleyville Heritage HS
Julie Brenegan - Cannon ES
Rose Brewer - ECDC
Krysta Brewer - Grapevine MS
Krysta Brewer - Grapevine MS
Sterling Bristo - Cross Timbers MS
Kristi Brown - Early Childhood
Lisa Brown - Cannon ES
Jennifer Butler - Timberline ES
Bryan Calvert - Bear Creek ES
Sarah Castleberry - Timberline ES
Brittany Chapman - Bransford ES
Lisa Cheyne - Grapevine HS
Kelly Coke - Colleyville ES
Devon Cox - Communication Services
Dr Jodi Cox - Curriculum & Instruction
Robin Davis - Colleyville Heritage HS
Dave Denning - Grapevine HS
Dee Dickerson - Timberline ES
Amy Dill - Assessment
Christi Drilling - Financial Services
Heath Dudley - Grapevine HS
Nate Dunn- Cross Timbers MS
Diane Elliott - Grapevine HS
Jennifer Elsen - Bear Creek ES
Courtney Ervin - Grapevine ES
Alex Fingers - Cross Timbers MS
Kylie Fortune - Grapevine ES
Terri Freyou - Glenhope ES
Loujean Fuller - Heritage ES
Jennifer Gaudet - Dove ES
Diane Geider - Grapevine ES
Erin Gerdes - Heritage ES
Yvette Grau - Grapevine HS
Ali Griffin - Cross Timbers MS
Dr. Wynette Griffin - Glenhope ES
Pam Gunn - Colleyville Heritage HS
Nancy Hale - Grapevine ES
Kristinia Haney - Collegiate Academy
Rachel Harper - Cross Timbers MS
Christina Hayes - Glenhope ES
Jill Hemme - Heritage ES
Stephanie Heppenstall - Curriculum & Instruction
Tayna Hill - Cross Timbers MS
Lindsey Hopkins - Bridges
Wendy Howe - Curriculum & Instruction
Andy Jacobs - Grapevine HS
Danielle Jenkins - Silver Lake ES
Marilyn Johnson - Grapevine MS
Lauren Jones - Colleyville MS
Amy Keller - Colleyville ES
Tanya Kellerman - Dove ES
Caitlin Kender - Curriculum & Instruction
Dr. Laura Koehler - Grapevine MS
Kristin Koulabouth - Colleyville Heritage HS
Becky Lamb - Human Resources
Gayle Lambert - Grapevine ES
Jessica Leguizamón - Silver Lake ES
Amy Leitner - Curriculum & Instruction
Marina Luepnitz - Cannon ES
India Maine - Dove ES
Margaret Malzer - Silver Lake ES
Keanan Matthews-Hall - Grapevine MS
Heath McKay - Cross Timbers MS
Dr. Jeff Mishoe - Heritage MS
DaiAnn Mooney - Financial Services
Christa Moore - Silver Lake ES
Jessica Morris - Heritage ES
Candace Olsen (Butsen) - Timberline ES
Greta Parr - Grapevine MS
Cindy Pearson - Colleyville ES
Lisa Pedevilla - O.C. Taylor ES
Jennifer Pettit - Cannon ES
Tiffany Phillips - Grapevine HS
Terry Popp - Cross Timbers MS
Shanna Powell - Grapevine HS
Carolyn Province - Grapevine HS
Michelle Pruitt - Bear Creek ES
Jessica Ramos - Colleyville Heritage HS
Brittany Rhea - Bear Creek ES
Lynn Rigler - Grapevine MS
Jose Sandoval - Cannon ES
Shelly Sartin - Bransford ES
Jana Schultz - Colleyville ES
Sylvia Shields - Grapevine HS
Sheila Shimmick - Colleyville ES
Sumner Short - Heritage ES
Allen Smith - Operational Services
Irene Sotelo - Timberline ES
Kimberly Stevens - Bear Creek ES
Ron Stockenberg - Technology Services
Brooke Teeter-Stocz - Cross Timbers MS
Sheri Thompson - Silver Lake ES
Dianna Trang - Grapevine HS
Summer Varacardipone - Bear Creek ES
Hina Virani - Silver Lake ES
Kristi Wagner - Cannon ES
Kendall Watson - Heritage ES
Tabetha Weeks - Cross Timbers MS
Aiman Zureikat - Grapevine HS