GHS World Scholar’s Cup team advances to Global Competition

Members of the Grapevine high School World Scholar’s Cup Team will compete at the organization’s global contest this summer after winning multiple honors at the North American round of competition in Houston. GHS team members Sanika Bhave, Jacqueline Padron, Hayat Yasin, Emily Branson, Lauren Lichtenfeld, Andye Tosh, Neve Enloe, and Aneesha Diggikar competed with more than forty other teams in the categories of Team Debate, Collaborative Writing, Scholar's Bowl and the Scholar's Challenge.

The GHS team placed 2nd overall as a team, finished 1st in Scholar’s Bowl, came in 3rd in the Challenge, and was awarded 57 individual medals. The competition covers a wide variety of information both historical information, current events, and global connections.

Because of their success, two teams qualified at the World Scholar's Cup to go on to the Global competition this summer. The GHS World Scholar’s Cup Team has chosen Cape Town, South Africa for its Global competition site.