Creating Safe Schools Together: A Letter to the Community
Creating Safe Schools Together Dear GCISD Community,

Last month, I came to you in an open letter to the community to share in the grief we all felt after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. In that letter, I encouraged everyone to report if they have a suspicion that something might be wrong. See something, say something.

I am writing you again this afternoon to thank you for your vigilance in keeping our students and staff safe. Early this morning, Grapevine-Colleyville ISD administrators and Colleyville Police Department acted on a tip from a concerned individual who saw something and said something. Working in collaboration with local authorities, the situation was swiftly handled and there was no disruption for any of our students or staff as this was handled off-campus and prior to the beginning of the school day. We would like to thank the individual that brought this to our attention so that we were able to act quickly and keep our students and staff safe.

I cannot stress enough how critical it is for individuals to come forward when they have a safety concern, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Whether it’s a comment they overheard at school, or something they’ve read online, in GCISD, we investigate every single potential threat with a great sense of urgency.

A common phrase that I hear after a community is impacted by a shooting is “we didn’t think it could happen here.” I hope that you will have conversations with your students, neighbors, friends and families about the importance of “see something, say something” so that we never have to share in that sentiment in GCISD.

The responsibility of student safety in GCISD must be a shared priority amongst students, staff, parents, community members and local law enforcement officials. Working together, through open, honest and transparent communication, is the best way that we can proactively address situations as they may arise. In GCISD, we are Building Excellent Schools Together and we could not do that without your continued support and efforts to keep our campuses safe.

Dr. Robin Ryan
GCISD Superintendent of Schools