Dads Club Gets Positive Reviews
Posted on 11/15/2022
Among a flurry of balls being tossed, kicked and chased on the playground by elementary students, there were two individuals who were keeping the activity moving. They are members of a unique group at the school – the Dads Club at Colleyville Elementary School (CES).

Dad's Club

“I love it,” said James Richey, a CES dad who volunteers weekly and joined the school’s Dads Club seven years ago. “It’s a way to get involved, to see our kids and to see the school at work. It’s a great experience.”

Principal Tracey La Fara said that the Dads Club has increased the presence of positive role models and provides fun and engaging interactions with students. The club offers an array of involvement opportunities — from “Dads in the Gym” to “Donuts with Grownups” to “High-Five Fridays.”

While the club has been active for several years at CES, teacher/coach Michelle Baze was happy that it has now filtered into P.E. “The students love having the dads encourage them and help with instruction,” she said. “They are part of the team and they just love that.”

Josh McCaughey, who moved into GCISD within the past year, said that he had not seen such a club at his previous school district, even though it's in place at several GCISD schools. He is already a fan.

“I love the fact that we get to be involved; [the students] get to see us. As parents, we get to see them and show them we care,” he stated.

Richey agrees and states that the club is a difference maker for both parents and students.

“It’s good for the kids to see their parents involved and that they know that we think that school is important – that what they are doing is important.”
Dad's Club