Risk Management

Risk Management encompasses many areas so we have a range of topics available to help you sort through some of your questions, from State licensing and inspections to asbestos and emergency radios.

Is your room in compliance with the fire code?
Please see below for some quick fire safety tips.

Is storage neat and orderly?
Are decorations in rooms and hallways minimal?
Are hallways free of equipment and other items?
Are you using extension cords? They are not allowed but
surge protectors are allowed in their place.

Also see the School General Fire Code and Safety Checklist, updated Fall 2015, for more information.

Please view the Fire Department presentation
made especially for education employees.

Fire Department Life Safety Awareness

Additional information for Safety and Compliance all year around.
PESTS- Are you having problems?
Food stored properly or taken home?
Chemicals for disposal?
Having trouble with the battery on your emergency radio?
Please check Required Notices to make sure you have the most current Notices posted for your campus.

Severe weather is always a threat in North Texas.
Do you know what the sirens mean?

Integrated Pest Management
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Bed Bugs
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Wasps and Bees
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New information is constantly being added and updated so please check back often.

Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District
Director of Risk Management