Grapevine High School Hosts Mr. Mustang Pageant
Posted on 02/24/2023
Grapevine High School Leadership put together the annual Mr. Mustang pageant on Saturday, February 18, which was once again a huge success.

Tradition and legacy are some of the most significant values that empower students in the Mustang nation. The GHS Leadership program, a group of 23 junior and senior students selected to represent the student body, have implemented their upstanding servitude and organizational skills to put together some of the high school’s most beloved events, amongst them Mr. Mustang.

The Mr. Mustang pageant allows junior and senior males at GHS to indulge in a long-standing tradition at the school and highlight their creativity and personalities.

Each year, Grapevine High School male students showcase their best talents, dancing, pick-up lines and swimsuits, and answer a series of questions about themselves for a panel of judges. Winners are selected in three categories – Mr. Swimsuit, Mr. Congeniality, and Mr. Talent – for the best performances in each, and the overall winner is crowned Mr. Mustang.

“We planned for months, and then the contestants started practicing. When everything gets put together it’s so nice to see everyone’s hard work pay off,” says Haley Collins, student body secretary and co-head of the Mr. Mustang Committee.

This year, 15 male students, the Mr. Mustang Committee, two student emcees, GHS Leadership, and the GHS Tech Theater students put in countless hours over the course of multiple months preparing for the group dances and individual presentations for the performance on Saturday, February 18.

“I have met and fostered some of the most important friendships through Mr. Mustang,” said Zack Keller, a senior Mr. Mustang candidate who has served in GHS Leadership for two years.

Many of these students had never met each other going into the production, but left as amazing friends bonded by their hard work and dedication to producing a successful show for the GHS community to enjoy.

“Sure it was stressful and hard at times, but to see how excited the boys were and to hear how much people enjoyed it made my heart happy,” added Rachel Bradberry, co-head of the Mr. Mustang Committee who is also in her second year serving in GHS Leadership.

Mr. Mustang is one of many examples that show the positive impact of how powerful GHS students’ respect for one another and their love of the Mustang nation.

Learn more about Mr. Mustang and many other events produced by GHS Leadership on Instagram @gvineleadership and their Twitter @gvinestuco.

This story was written by GCISD Communications Intern Molly Hilton.