FAQs for GCISD Tuition-Based Pre-Kindergarten

What is the cost associated with GCISD Tuition-Based Pre-Kindergarten?
Annual tuition for the Pre-Kindergarten program is $6500 divided into 10 monthly payments of $650, starting in August. There is also a non-refundable registration fee of $100 and a supply fee of $150, payable at the time of registration.

If my child attends tuition-based Pre-Kindergarten at ;an elementary school other than the one for which we are zoned, does this mean they can attend Kindergarten at that campus?
Attending Pre-Kindergarten at a campus other than the zoned elementary school does not automatically result in the student attending the Pre-Kindergarten campus for future grades. Parents must complete a transfer request during designated times if interested in attending a campus other than the one for which they are zoned. Approval of campus transfers must meet the criteria established in board policy.

Will extended care services be available for Pre-Kindergarten students?
GCISD offers extended care services for elementary students through the Extended Day Program.

Is transportation provided for Pre-Kindergarten students?
No. Parents are responsible for transportation to and from the designated campus for the Pre-Kindergarten program.

What schedule does the Tuition-Based Pre-Kindergarten program follow?
The GCISD Tuition-Based Pre-Kindergarten is a full day program and follows the elementary schools schedule 7:35 a.m. - 2:55 p.m.. The program also follows the district's calendar.

Would there be a nap in the full day program?
Students will not have a nap. Teachers will provide an appropriate rest time while children transition to a full day academic program.

What curriculum will be used in the Tuition-Based Pre-Kindergarten Program?
The district will follow the State of Texas Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines with a robust scope and sequence designed with GCISD students in mind. It is an academic program with Kindergarten readiness as its goal.

Are lunch and snacks being provided?
You have the choice to pack a lunch or buy one from the school cafeteria. Snacks must be provided by the parents. More information about snacks will be provided by the teacher during Pre-Kindergarten orientation.

Are the days and times going to be the same as the rest of the school?
Tuition-Based Pre-Kindergarten students follow the exact GCISD calendar for elementary schools. They are in school from August to June. The daily schedule is 7:40 a.m. - 2:55 p.m. The GCISD attendance policy also applies to Pre-Kindergarten.

What is the class size?
The target size is 22 students. The ratio is 1:11 (1 adult : 11 students).

How many teachers are in the class, and what are their qualifications/education?
There is one certified teacher and one highly qualified teacher assistant in each classroom.

Will there be an option on 1/2 days, or is full time the only option?
Full time is the design of the program and the only option at this time.