The Vanguard Association of Learning, Observation, and Reflection is a group of innovative, growth-minded teachers striving to reach new heights as educators as they work collaboratively to advance the achievement of their students through observation, reflection and scholarship. We invite you to explore this website to learn more about the program and the teachers that are redefining professional learning in GCISD.


1. To build the capacity of teachers to reflect collectively and individually on their practices and build a network of educators engaged in improving their craft through ongoing job-embedded, observation, feedback, collaboration, and scholarship.
2. To develop teachers at every campus, in every grade level, and in every subject level across the district whose practices exemplify the principles of LEAD 2021, and who are eager to share their knowledge with others.

How to Become a Member of VALOR:

1. Complete an application that will be sent via email at the end of February
2. Interview, if considered a possible member of VALOR
3. Choose to commit to one year of VALOR, if selected
4. Participate in induction in May


  • Summer - 3 days Summer Visioning Institute
  • September - 1 day professional learning
  • October - 1/2 day Video Reflections
  • November - 1 day observations and 1 day being observed
  • December - 1/2 day professional learning
  • January/February - 1 day observations and 1 day being observed
  • April - 1 day professional learning and banquet